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Funky Dog Bow Ties


We make hand made bow ties for dog lovers :) Each bow tie is unique & you can pick the right size from mini 6cm to maxi 15cm.

We donate 30% of the total sales to dog shelters and other animal rescue organisations. This is our story!

Each dog looks super stylish & elegant with a bow tie, no matter if it's a Mr. or Mrs. Have a look!


It is very easy to put on the bow tie with a velcro on the collar of the dog. The dog doesn't mind the bow tie, doesn't bite it. You can easily take it off or change for a different bow tie anytime :)

Choose from the wide selection. We prepare several collections during the year - spring, summer, Xmas or special collection for ladies and more.

We deliver around the world and always add a little surprise :)

Please feel to discover all the collections - just switch the language you want to display supported by Google Translate and you can also choose the currency you want to see in the e-shop. Order directly though the e-shop and pay by card or order at

Thank you for helping us to help ❤

Woof woof 

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